Tui Holidays 2020 – What’s New, Latest Information & Holiday Discounts

Tui 2020 HolidaysTui Holidays 2020 big news so far is the rebranding of their Tui Sensimar 2020 & Tui Family Life 2020 holiday brands. Tui Holidays plan to make their Tui Blue range it's flagship hotel range. Tui want to make Tui Blue the worlds largest leisure hotel brand over the next few years. The existing Tui Blue hotels will remain and the Tui Sensimar and Tui Family Life hotels will be changed to be part of the Tui Blue range. Obviously there will be differences between the hotels as Sensimar was adult only and Tui Family Life was for families. The Tui Blue 2020 holidays range will go from 10 to around 100 properties.

  • The existing Tui Blue Hotels will become – TUI Blue For All, hotels for everyone with an authentic taste of local experiences (click here)
  • The adult only Tui Sensimar 2020 hotels change to – TUI Blue For Two for couples and adult only holidays for time spent together
  • Family Holiday range Tui Family Life 2020 rebrands as – Tui Blue for Families and tailored to meet the needs of large and small families

The chances are that Tui will continue to offer Tui Blue free child places 2020 in their Tui Blue for Families and continue with Tui Blue 2020 all inclusive holidays as well.  Tui Blue Holidays 2020These are two very popular options for holidaymakers looking for an adult only all inclusive deals or for families looking for a family holiday discount.

Existing Tui Blue Hotels are located in Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia & Canary Islands. The addition of the Sensimar & Tui Family Life hotels will obviously increase this. So you will have options in the Balearics Islands, Mainland Spain, Greece, Thailand, Mauritius & Mexico.

There are also plans to open the first Tui Blue lifestyle hotel in Zanzibar which will be the first in this long-haul destination. Tui holidays 2020 also Tui plan to open the Riu Palace Zanzibar. So there is a good chance that they may also introduce flights from London to help fill their new hotels. However we will have to wait and see what happens.

Booking Your Tui 2020 Holiday

So if you have booked are are planning to book don't worry. The hotel changes are not taking place until after this summer and the end of winter 2020 season in April 2020. So from May 2020 expect to see the Tui Blue 2020 holidays appear. It won't be a surprise if Tui do a lot of advertising to promote these hotels especially in January 2020. Even if you are travelling in 2020 you are still going to have a great holiday. All the other brands such as Tui RIU, Tui Sensatori 2020 holidays & Tui Magic Life will carry on as normal. In fact for winter 2021 Tui plan to open a new Tui Magic Life hotel in Cap Verde.

There will probably be more updates later however you don't have to wait until the traditional Summer launch in April. The vast majority of Tui 2020 holidays went on sale last November so you can book anytime. Plus you can take advantage of the Tui Holidays low deposit deal and any of the current discount codes and online discounts > click here